Tornado Relief - Update - Oct. 3, 2018

VOLUNTEER UPDATE - Oct. 3-5, 2018: We need community volunteers for clean-up and debris clearing work in the heavily affected area of Arlington Woods for today (October 3), tomorrow (October 4), and Friday (October 5). Volunteers MUST show up at at Woodvale Pentecostal Church (205 Greenbank) to register. Volunteers may arrive as early as 8:15 a.m. to register and be deployed. Work will take place until 5:00 p.m. NOTE: Even though it's past 8:15am today, volunteers will still be welcomed. There are three Ottawa Valley Search & Rescue (OVSAR) teams ready to direct volunteers into the Arlington Woods are. HOPE YOU CAN HELP!


ACCESS TO NEIGHBOURHOOD: As we prepare for the weekend, we finally have the ability to allow volunteer support teams back into the heavily impacted area of the Arlington Woods community. Ensuring the safety of all staff, contractors and volunteers has been the focus of the past week. With so many large trucks and machinery in such a small area, it has been critical that we limit the number of additional people in the area and on the streets.

As of Tuesday October 2, the large rock-trucks and loaders will no longer be required on site. Similarly, with this work coming to an end, the Ottawa Police will no longer be required for traffic control on site. Roads will be open and accessible to the public on an ongoing basis. The exception to this will be when future works in the ravine may require traffic control to facilitate the debris removal on McClellan.

Roads operations will have large trucks in the Parkland Crescent area on Wednesday, Thursday and possibly Friday. Although we do not require police support for traffic management, the larger equipment will still benefit from having open roads to assist with debris management. Please exercise caution while these works continue.

With the larger equipment leaving the area later this week, we can begin to focus on right of way cleanup in the Arlington Woods area. The right of way work can be completed by the general public and community volunteers under the oversight of Ottawa Valley Search and Rescue (OVSAR), or in working with Samaritan’s Purse volunteers.

Samaritan’s Purse volunteers continue to be an invaluable resource. Samaritan’s Purse currently have a large number of work orders created allowing them to schedule works on private property. Our hope is that any residents requiring assistance will continue to reach out and to engage with the Samaritan’s for further work creation.


TO FILE A WORK ORDER: Homeowners may submit a work order through Samaritan's Purse by calling 1-844-547-2663 or going in person to the operation station at Woodvale Pentecostal Church (205 Greenbank Road).



REGULAR WASTE: The Trend Arlington / Arlington Woods neighborhood will follow the regular waste collection schedule. This week we will be collecting black box and green bin. The bagged leaf and yard waste will continue to be collected by the landfill heavy equipment while they are still mobilized in the community.

NON-TREE TORNADO DEBRIS: TACA is in talks with Councillor Egli about a possible solution for what to do with residents' non-tree debris (e.g. roof tiles, siding, fencing, etc). The City's current proposal that each resident get their insurance to arrange for removal is likely going to cause a lot more traffic and slow-downs. We are discussing a possible simpler solution. Stay tuned.

TA COMMUNITY CENTRE RENTALS SUSPENDED: Due to storm-related damage to the Community Centre building’s roof, windows, electrical system, and surrounding infrastructure, TACA has suspended all rentals until further notice and is issuing refunds to those who rented for dates this fall. We do not yet have a timeline for repair, and will update the community as we learn more. You are encouraged to consider renting the Manordale-Woodvale Community Centre (linked here) or the Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Centre.

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