Clean-up Assistance & City Volunteering Update - Oct. 4 2018

CLEAN-UP ASSISTANCE: The City of Ottawa published the following update on Oct. 4, 2018 regarding tornado clean-up:


VOLUNTEERS: We still have a callout for volunteers on Friday, and we would like to extend a request for volunteers into Saturday and Sunday at this time.


Friday, Oct. 5 operations: The City will continue to work out of 205 Greenbank Road (Woodvale Pentecostal Church) as they have for the past week, until 17:00 Friday evening.


Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Thanksgiving weekend: The City is currently working on a transition of operations to the Trend-Arlington Community Building. There are a good number of cleanup activities arranged throughout Arlington Woods for Samaritan’s Purse including a number of private property work orders, as well as public property and right of way tasks, so we hope to have a great push over the next three days.

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