Infill 2 Corner Lot Division Result: A good first step

Dear Trend-Arlington residents,

I have good news to report tonight regarding our effort to draw attention to the need to protect the Arlington Woods white pine forest from future corner lot divisions in Infill 2. Councillor Egli and Councillor Cloutier from Alta Vista will be co-sponsoring a motion at City Council on Wednesday morning to help protect distinctive trees on corner lots where severance applications are filed. The motion doesn’t grant us what we were seeking but it’s a good first step toward achieving this objective. I have included Councillor Egli’s email below.

Looking forward, we have other options open to us such as seeking ‘Heritage’ status for the forest. Something I think we should be able to achieve given its connection to the Great Fire of 1870. Even though its not legally binding, achieving heritage status will help solidify our argument against corner lot divisions in our community if and when it comes up.

We also have the opportunity to file an application with the City to have our community rezoned. This presents an opportunity to acquire special zoning that reflects the unique and distinctive nature of our forest.

And, I’m hoping residents will support the Trend-Arlington Community Association’s initiative to reforest Arlington Woods with young white pine saplings next year. Our objective is to work with Tree Ottawa and the City of Ottawa to replant young white pines to replace many of the trees that have come down over the last 10 years. Tree Ottawa is hoping to plant 1,000,000 new trees in the capital by 2017 in time for Canada’s 150th birthday. We can play our part and help rebuild our forest at the same time.

None of this could have been possible without the support of our community. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and wrote letters to City Hall for coming to the defense of our community. I’m confident we will eventually succeed in preventing lots from being divided in Arlington Woods, but until then we need to be vigilant. When new residents move into the neighborhood near you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and greet them, and pass on the history of our community. It will help them feel welcome while also passing on a sense of pride in what makes our community one-of-a-kind.

Wednesday’s Council meeting is open to the public if you would like to attend. It starts at 10 am at City Hall.


James O’Grady, President
Trend-Arlington Community Association


From Councillor Egli:


The memo and associated matrix and omnibus by-law that Planning Committee at its meeting of May 26th directed planning staff to prepare for release will be going live and will be accessible on the City website. The issue of Trend-Arlington is dealt with in the matrix attached to the memo.
Additionally, Councillor Cloutier and I will be cosponsoring a motion that will make the consideration of significant and distinctive trees on new lots proposed to be created through a severance and associated minor variance applications to the CofA to be an element of the matters to be reviewed when planning staff reviews such applications and in determining the position and comments that planning staff would provide on such applications to the CofA.
Finally, I invite you to the Council meeting where I intend to hold this item for questions and discussion so that it can be made very clear in a public forum that the possibility of divided corner lots in your community is practically impossible and certainly cannot happen as of right.
Councillor Keith Egli