Trend-Arlington Community Association launches new website

The Trend-Arlington Community Association (TACA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website—an online portal for news, information and events going on in our community and around the city.

Communicating with our community has always been a challenge for the Trend-Arlington Community Association. With this new website, made possible by your generous financial support, TACA is now able to make this investment to improve our ability to communicate with you. It is our hope that this new website will form the backbone of a stronger relationship between the community, its association and our local business community.

Improved design and functionality

TACA's new website has been developed on the Joomla! platform using a Web 2.0 design strategy. Most websites on the web today are now Web 2.0 websites. The advantage of using a Web 2.0 design is that it improves usability by allowing visitors to find information more quickly and with fewer clicks. It also embraces interactivity, encouraging visitors to participate actively in the site by engaging and interacting with content. TACA's new website takes advantage of the web's interactivity by allowing users to comment and share content through social media.

A great feature of the Joomla! platform is that it has a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS allows for multiple people without programming skills to update the site from different locations. Spreading out the work load and responsibility will help TACA provide residents with more timely information about what is going on in our community and around the city.

We have set up new social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter . Visitors will also have the opportunity to follow our new website through RSS (Real Simple Syndication) or by email so you can be connected and keep informed through the medium of your choice.


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