Alert From Greenbank Community Police Centre



Aggressive door to door sales people in the Trend Arlington Area.

It is important to understand that not every door to door salesperson is out to scam you; they may in fact represent a legitimate business.  Keep your guard up and use the below safety tips to assess if this is a scam or legitimate offer.

What can you do - Safety Tips:

  • Request to see their ID and check it closely
  • Be wary if they say “We’re from your current water heater provider, utility or local municipality”, “We need to see your current bills”, “We can replace your device free of charge”
  • Call the organization they’re representing to verify the information provided to you
  • Don’t let them inside your home under any circumstance
  • Request a pamphlet be left with you so that you can review it on your own time and make an informed decision.  Don’t be pressured to sign a contract on the spot.
  • If they are rude or insist on coming into your home, ask them to leave.  If they refuse call the police 613-230-6211

If you are uncomfortable with a situation:  Say no AND close the door.  It is not impolite it is your RIGHT!!


Cst Sue Wright
Greenbank Community Police Centre
1343 Meadowlands Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: 613-236-1222, ext. 2179
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Scam Alert

Following is a recent e-mail scam brought to the attention of our Neighbourhood Watch coordinators

Subject:  Last Warning !!! Your monthly bill cannot be processed

We recently wrote to inform you that your last payment was declined. This is your second notice. We were unable to process your payment for your Rogers Service.

You must update your billing information immediately in order to avoid any interruption to your services.

You can update your billing information online simply by clicking the link below:


Rogers Communications


You will also find the following sites useful:
Ottawa Police Services list of Common Scams

The Competition Bureau Canada's The Little Black Book of Scams


NCC Advisory

The National Capital Commission (NCC) advises residents and farmers to take extra precautions with respect to animals, livestock and pets and to keep them indoors, if possible. There has been a wildlife incident involving an attack on a horse in the vicinity.

Hikers, snowshoers, cross-country skiers and all users of the Greenbelt are asked to keep personal safety in mind and stay on official trails, and to keep their dogs on leashes. As a precautionary measure, the NCC has temporarily closed trail 31 (accessible from P14), trail 32 (accessible from P15) and the Greenbelt Pathway West in the immediate area until further notice. The NCC has installed traps and continues to monitor the area.

Please contact the NCC’s emergency line at 613-239-5353 if you observe an animal behaving in a way that could put the safety of people or pets at risk


Installation of Canada Post Community Mailboxes in Trend-Arlington

Community Association presidents from across Ward 9 met with representatives from Canada Post before Christmas to discuss the installation of community mailboxes in our Nepean communities.

Many residents received a survey from Canada Post in the mail last fall. The survey results are being used to identify and locate potential sites in our community. However, Canada Post has committed to holding at least one public consultation meeting for our community this spring, before the community box locations are finalized. We are also hoping to meet with the coordinator before they bring forward their draft proposal, so we can avoid any obvious conflicts before we get started. Supposedly, they have had to make a large number (80) of location changes to community mail boxes in the community of Beaverbrook in Kanata, the first community in Ottawa to undergo this transition.

Canada Post's target date for completion of the community mailbox installations is October 19, 2015. Coincidently, October 19, 2015 is also the fixed date for the next Federal election. We expect to see the first draft of box locations in March, with public consultations taking place in either April or May.

Here are some of the things we learned:

  • Community mailboxes will not be installed near utilities, bus stops, etc.
  • Although providing lighting is not part of their mandate, Canada Post is committed to installing community mailboxes near existing lighting.
  • No more than three modules of mail boxes will be grouped together in any one location.
  • Each module contains 16 mailboxes, although they are not always filled with 16 boxes. Sometimes there are less.
  • Packages that don't fit into the mail slot will have a special compartment. If they don't fit in the compartment, they will be hand delivered to your door. If you are not home, the package will be left at the nearest Post Office, which for us is at Shoppers DrugMart.
  • If you are handicapped, ill or just unable to fetch your mail from a community mail box you can apply to have your mail delivered to your home once a week.
  • To get medical accommodation for home delivery, you need to apply individually and have a letter from your doctor. Forms can be obtained from Canada Post's website.
  • Community mailboxes will be installed near sidewalks if possible.
  • If a new walk area, curb cuts or retaining wall is required to accommodate an installation on a grade (hill), Canada Post will build it.
  • Canada Post will not provide recycling or garbage bin at community mailboxes. They say junk mail is not an issue but also maintain that it is the responsibility of each resident to recycle junk mail at home.
  • All locations are built with a slight grade in order to allow for water run off.
  • All sites will be handicap accessible.
  • Canada Post has agreed to share their survey results from our neighbourhoods with each Community Association and the public.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, please don't hesitate contact James O'Grady at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Trend-Arlington Community Association launches new website

The Trend-Arlington Community Association (TACA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website—an online portal for news, information and events going on in our community and around the city.

Communicating with our community has always been a challenge for the Trend-Arlington Community Association. With this new website, made possible by your generous financial support, TACA is now able to make this investment to improve our ability to communicate with you. It is our hope that this new website will form the backbone of a stronger relationship between the community, its association and our local business community.

Improved design and functionality

TACA's new website has been developed on the Joomla! platform using a Web 2.0 design strategy. Most websites on the web today are now Web 2.0 websites. The advantage of using a Web 2.0 design is that it improves usability by allowing visitors to find information more quickly and with fewer clicks. It also embraces interactivity, encouraging visitors to participate actively in the site by engaging and interacting with content. TACA's new website takes advantage of the web's interactivity by allowing users to comment and share content through social media.

A great feature of the Joomla! platform is that it has a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS allows for multiple people without programming skills to update the site from different locations. Spreading out the work load and responsibility will help TACA provide residents with more timely information about what is going on in our community and around the city.

We have set up new social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter . Visitors will also have the opportunity to follow our new website through RSS (Real Simple Syndication) or by email so you can be connected and keep informed through the medium of your choice.