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  • CLEAN-UP ASSISTANCE: The City of Ottawa published the following update on Oct. 4, 2018 regarding tornado clean-up:


    VOLUNTEERS: We still have a callout for volunteers on Friday, and we would like to extend a request for volunteers into Saturday and Sunday at this time.


    Friday, Oct. 5 operations: The City will continue to work out of 205 Greenbank Road (Woodvale Pentecostal Church) as they have for the past week, until 17:00 Friday evening.


    Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Thanksgiving weekend:The City is currently working on a transition of operations to the Trend-Arlington Community Building. There are a good number of cleanup activities arranged throughout Arlington Woods for Samaritan’s Purse including a number of private property work orders, as well as public property and right of way tasks, so we hope to have a great push over the next three days.


    The Trend Arlington Community Centre (50 Bellman Drive) after repairs were completed to the building’s roof, windows, electrical system, and surrounding infrastructure as a result of the tornado.

    Complete the following online form to submit a rental request:

    If you have any questions, please email Robert Onley, VP & Building Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Click the following link to donate to the Arlington Woods Go Fund Me Tornado Relief Campaign

    Thank you to everyone for your continued support as we rebuild our community.

    - The Executive of the Trend Arlington Community Association

  • Click the following link to donate to the Arlington Woods Go Fund Me Tornado Relief Campaign

    Thank you to everyone for your continued support as we rebuild our community.

    - The Executive of the Trend Arlington Community Association


  • GENERAL UPDATE - Post-Tornado - OCTOBER 2, 2018

    *** Please help us by sharing this information with a neighbour that might not be in a position to receive electronic and social media notices ***

    Over the past twelve days, the Trend Arlington Community Association (TACA) has been very proud to have served our community in these challenging times. We will continue to do so throughout the days, weeks, and months ahead. Although this has been a hard time, it has also been a remarkable time. Our community has forever grown stronger and closer. Despite all that we’ve lost, we will reap the benefits of this greater community spirit for a long time. As we’ve said a lot lately, despite the mess, it’s still the greatest place to live in Ottawa.

    At this time, we wish to provide our community with a general update on several matters of importance and interest. We hope to provide a much more detailed report on current and pending actions very soon, including a thorough extension of gratitude to the large number of organizations, businesses and stakeholders who came to our assistance when it was needed.

    From the morning after the tornado struck Arlington Woods on Friday, September 21, TACA was actively involved in the organization and deployment of volunteers and chainsaw teams to clear yards and public property of debris and fallen trees. Thanks to the “instant partnerships” we struck with our wonderful neighbours at Arlington Woods Church and the amazing relief efforts of Samaritan’s Purse, as well as the over 200 volunteers that TACA recruited, we were able to provide organized and effective relief efforts to dozens of families. We were in regular dialogue with City representatives and Councillor Keith Egli, to ensure these efforts were as safe and effective as possible. As of Friday, September 28, the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Valley Search and Rescue have taken over the clean-up and volunteer efforts, with the new Incident Command Centre now set up at Woodvale Pentecostal Church. Please visit the City of Ottawa Tornado Recovery Resource page:…/…/your-checklist-recovery-tornado-damage

    Many residents and families in our neighbourhood have been displaced from their homes, and are continuing to face challenges with meeting simple daily needs and resuming routines. Through the generosity of our community and local support organizations, TACA would like to continue supporting our community’s needs by helping to coordinate and financially support some of this relief. Through our close connection with FAMSAC Emergency Food Shelter, we can help residents get a delivery of an emergency food basket. Through the initiative of local residents like Lisa Wright, we’re hoping to make school lunches for kids from affected families. If you are in need please complete this simple Google Form:

    We are also in communication with several residents and relief organizations who are offering up space in their homes for people who have been displaced. We know that asking for help is sometimes just as hard as being in need of help, but we ask our community to help us provide that support by getting us in touch with those who might benefit.

    It is hard for people who live outside of Trend Arlington to fully grasp what the loss of hundreds of our trees means to each of us. Mercifully, no one died in this devastating storm. But to most of us, it absolutely feels like there has been a death. Our trees mean that much. And the future of these trees - those that have fallen, those that remain, and the vast empty space between them – is a clear point of concern to us all.

    As your community advocates, from the moment the tornado struck the Trend Arlington Community Association has been actively involved in collecting accurate information from residents about the trees and through discussions with City officials. While these are very early days, we wish to let our community know that the TACA Executive are in meetings this week with the Mayor, with our MP Chandra Arya, with Councillor Keith Egli, with other officials at City of Ottawa’s Public Works & Environmental Services, to have a discussion on the future of our trees and forest, as well as a fitting memorial. We are also in regular communication with former TACA President and community activist James O’Grady, who has already initiated a robust re-forestation plan that will be discussed in this week’s meetings, and which our fundraising campaign will continue to support. We are also fortunate that there is a City of Ottawa forester who lives in our community, who will be joining us on this worthy effort.

    We will provide more details in the week to come, but we wish to reassure everyone that we have already received numerous assurances and offers of support from these officials, including a confirmation that a large number of our fallen trees have already been put on reserve for our community’s future use. We are also monitoring and involved in many conversations about a fitting memorial. We absolutely intend to strike a larger conversation about all of these matters soon, after we get a reliable sense of the parameters from local officials.

    In the days after the tornado struck, TACA launched a crowdfunding campaign aimed to support several short-term and long-term elements of our relief efforts.

    To date that campaign has been quite successful, and we have raised almost $9,000. The stated objectives of the campaign had been to support: 
    a) an emergency fund for immediate needs of affected residents; 
    b) an investment in upcoming TACA programming, so that we might be able to lift our community’s spirits with a celebratory event; 
    c) a fitting memorial; and 
    d) costs associated with re-planting.

    The TACA Executive has not yet had time to formally meet in order to begin allocating these funds, except to offer assurances for small requests as received from the community (e.g. covering costs for volunteers who have been making lunches for affected families; delivering food baskets). We have also been approached with a request to extend the funds’ support to affected families in Craig Henry, which we absolutely will. Those families are also members of our larger community. We wish to assure you that these funds will be democratically and conscientiously allocated, through TACA’s Executive as well as the possible additional of a Special Committee. We welcome suggestions for how to use the funds, especially if anyone wishes to let us know of immediate emergency uses. Please visit our fundraising page here:

    Here are just a few measures that TACA will be putting in place in the near future so that we might best serve and advocate for our community:

    • Radio campaign: Thanks to the efforts of local resident Shana Levin, we have been granted a significant amount of free broadcast time on Ottawa’s Jewel Radio (98.5 FM). Members of the TACA Executive will be broadcasting frequently to inform the City of Ottawa about what’s happening in Arlington Woods: telling our story, letting people know what we need, and extending our thanks to businesses and organizations who stepped up. 
    • Special Committee on Property Development: TACA is will be striking a Special Committee to serve in a protective and pre-emptive manner against the likelihood of property developers attempting to take advantage of our neighbourhood’s situation. We do not want to see our entire neighbourhood transformed into something that it is not and was not. We will be bringing this concern to the Mayor in our meeting this week. 
    • If this crisis has taught us anything, it’s that we have an amazing community that is engaged in each other’s well-being. TACA wishes to seize this opportunity to open up a wider and more consistent conversation with our community. We will be launching new measures in the next few days and weeks to better communicate with as many residents as possible. These measures will include a new membership drive, door-to-door introductions, and the building of a new and more effective TACA website.
    • Please be sure to “Like” us on Facebook to receive regular updates: 
    • Subscribe to our email mailing list via the “Subscribe” tool in the right hand sidebar on our current website:

    We live in an amazing community. Let us be grateful for that, and let’s take care of those who need us.


    The Executive of the Trend Arlington Community Association

    Sean Devine - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
    Robert Onley - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
    Julia Addison
    Alison James
    Mark Nyvlt
    Lydia Pion

  • VOLUNTEER UPDATE - Oct. 3-5, 2018: We need community volunteers for clean-up and debris clearing work in the heavily affected area of Arlington Woods for today (October 3), tomorrow (October 4), and Friday (October 5). Volunteers MUST show up at at Woodvale Pentecostal Church (205 Greenbank) to register. Volunteers may arrive as early as 8:15 a.m. to register and be deployed. Work will take place until 5:00 p.m. NOTE: Even though it's past 8:15am today, volunteers will still be welcomed. There are three Ottawa Valley Search & Rescue (OVSAR) teams ready to direct volunteers into the Arlington Woods are. HOPE YOU CAN HELP!


    ACCESS TO NEIGHBOURHOOD: As we prepare for the weekend, we finally have the ability to allow volunteer support teams back into the heavily impacted area of the Arlington Woods community. Ensuring the safety of all staff, contractors and volunteers has been the focus of the past week. With so many large trucks and machinery in such a small area, it has been critical that we limit the number of additional people in the area and on the streets.

    As of Tuesday October 2, the large rock-trucks and loaders will no longer be required on site. Similarly, with this work coming to an end, the Ottawa Police will no longer be required for traffic control on site. Roads will be open and accessible to the public on an ongoing basis. The exception to this will be when future works in the ravine may require traffic control to facilitate the debris removal on McClellan.

    Roads operations will have large trucks in the Parkland Crescent area on Wednesday, Thursday and possibly Friday. Although we do not require police support for traffic management, the larger equipment will still benefit from having open roads to assist with debris management. Please exercise caution while these works continue.

    With the larger equipment leaving the area later this week, we can begin to focus on right of way cleanup in the Arlington Woods area. The right of way work can be completed by the general public and community volunteers under the oversight of Ottawa Valley Search and Rescue (OVSAR), or in working with Samaritan’s Purse volunteers.

    Samaritan’s Purse volunteers continue to be an invaluable resource. Samaritan’s Purse currently have a large number of work orders created allowing them to schedule works on private property. Our hope is that any residents requiring assistance will continue to reach out and to engage with the Samaritan’s for further work creation.


    TO FILE A WORK ORDER: Homeowners may submit a work order through Samaritan's Purse by calling 1-844-547-2663 or going in person to the operation station at Woodvale Pentecostal Church (205 Greenbank Road).



    REGULAR WASTE: The Trend Arlington / Arlington Woods neighborhood will follow the regular waste collection schedule. This week we will be collecting black box and green bin. The bagged leaf and yard waste will continue to be collected by the landfill heavy equipment while they are still mobilized in the community.

    NON-TREE TORNADO DEBRIS: TACA is in talks with Councillor Egli about a possible solution for what to do with residents' non-tree debris (e.g. roof tiles, siding, fencing, etc). The City's current proposal that each resident get their insurance to arrange for removal is likely going to cause a lot more traffic and slow-downs. We are discussing a possible simpler solution. Stay tuned.

    TA COMMUNITY CENTRE RENTALS SUSPENDED: Due to storm-related damage to the Community Centre building’s roof, windows, electrical system, and surrounding infrastructure, TACA has suspended all rentals until further notice and is issuing refunds to those who rented for dates this fall. We do not yet have a timeline for repair, and will update the community as we learn more. You are encouraged to consider renting the Manordale-Woodvale Community Centre (linked here) or the Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Centre.

  • UPDATE - Published Oct. 1, 2018

    On September 21, 2018, an EF2 tornado hit the Arlington Woods community, knocking down hundreds of massive pine trees and causing widespread structural and environmental damage. You can view drone footage of the damage here. Working with Samaritan's Purse and the City of Ottawa, teams of volunteers from our community and across Ottawa have been providing incredible clean-up assistance. This volunteer assistance will be required for many weeks ahead. Please carefully read the following:

    1. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: The best way to stay updated is to Like the TACA Facebook page to receive up-to-the-minute news and information related to the tornado relief effort.


    2. HOW TO VOLUNTEER: Volunteers can continue to sign up with the City of Ottawa at Woodvale Pentecostal Church at 205 Greenbank Road, corner of Bateman Drive, starting at 8:30 am. Parking is available at Woodvale, but if you can take public transit or car pool, please do so. The entrance to the church is the main entrance on Bateman Drive. We are no longer operating out of Arlington Woods Methodist Church on McClellan. Please do not report there. 

    Upon arrival, NEW volunteers must sign a City of Ottawa waiver. Volunteers are asked to bring work gloves and safety boots / work shoes if you have them.  
    Ottawa Valley Search & Rescue (OVSAR) will coordinate volunteer activity on Sunday. Samaritan’s Purse is not operating Sunday, but they are still coordinating the collection of Work Orders from home owners for next week. To place a Work Order please call 1–844-547–2663. This is a free service. 
    Samaritan's Purse will resume work on Monday, October 1, 2018, dispatching teams out of Woodvale Pentecostal Church and continue their amazing work throughout the recovery effort. Samaritan's Purse is a faith-based humanitarian aid organization that provides aid to people in physical need as a key part of Christian missionary work.  For more information:
    Volunteers between 12 and 17 require permission and direct supervision by a parent or legal guardian. For safety reasons, younger children (11 and under) are not permitted on site. 
    Even during this time of the year, ticks are still present and pose a risk to those participating in the #Ottstorm #Tornado clean-up. Stay healthy and safe as you participate in the clean-up. Health and safety tips here:


    3. RENTALS SUSPENDED DUE TO DAMAGE TO COMMUNITY CENTRE: The tornado damaged the Trend Arlington Community Centre. As such, all rentals are suspended until further notice.



    Checklist for Recovery from Tornado Damage:

    Windstorm updates: 


    5. FOOD & SHELTER: Register using this Google Form

    Now that the City of Ottawa has taken over clearing debris, Trend Arlington Commnity Association (TACA) can focus on other needs of our community, including assistance with FOOD & HOUSING. 

    Local resident Lisa Wright had the brilliant idea of making school lunches kids from displaced / affected families. She's already made a lot of lunches today! And FAMSAC Food Shelter has asked TACA to compile names of families who are in a food emergency situation. 

    There are also many families disaplaced from their homes, as well as families offering up their homes to help others. 

    TACA would like to start coordinating these two efforts, in partnership with the community and other stakeholders. If you or anyone you know is in a position of need or able to help out, please get them to fill out this simple Google Form right away. You can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will help to liaise and coordinate.